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332 Gifford Street, Unit 1
Falmouth, MA 02540


What to Expect from your visit at Simply Hearing

  1. Please give Stephanie a call to make an appointment. This insures that we can give you the time you and your hearing deserve. Our Normal Hours are 9:00-4:00 Monday-Friday but will make arrangements to meet with you outside of those hours.

    Stephanie at Front

  2. Arrive at your appointment, see the sign! Be sure to park at this entrance for direct access to the reception area.

    New Office Front

  3. See Stephanie (Care Coordinators) at the front desk.

    Greeters Smiling

  4. If it is your WELCOME visit, you will fill out 1/2 page of questions, show your current hearing aids to the coordinators who will make record of them/get full warranty details on them, have some coffee or tea if you'd like, and then see Lianne or Dr. Soccio.

    Waiting Room

  5. During a WELCOME visit we will have a lot of conversation and testing. Results will be explained, opinions asked, updates and cleaning made to your own aids, and a plan developed for your Hearing Care.

    Lianne at Cleaning Desk


  6. CONTINUED CARE PLAN....we figure this out together. Annual testing and reprogramming? Service Package? Clean and Check visits? New Manufacturers warranty needed/Loss coverage needed? Ear wax program? Home visits? Or just annual testing for a baseline if you are not ready for aids yet. Some of these have a small cost, most of them are included once you are an active member of the practice.