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Hearing Aid Warranty


Most of the Hearing Aids you purchase from us come with a 3 year manufacturers repair warranty, as well as a 3 year loss/replacement coverage.

Repair Warranty

If there is something wrong with your Aid, the Repair Warranty covers it. Just bring it to the office. We often can fix it ourselves, but if not it is sent back to the manufacturer. We also ship it for you, check the work, and call you for a re-delivery appointment.

Loss/Replacement Coverage

If your Aid needs to be replaced (either lost or damaged beyond repair), the manufacturer will replace it one time (there is a deductible).

WHEN YOUR ORIGINAL COVERAGE IS ABOUT TO EXPIRE, we will let you know. You can renew the coverage for the 4th or-5th years, depending on the manufacturer. After that, we can discuss what your best option is including outside insurance parties such as ESCO, MIDWEST or DISCOVERY.