You might have heard that your ears are self-cleaning. For the most part, this is certainly true. Your ears are designed to push out dirt as well as excess earwax through the canal and towards the outer ear. Generally speaking, the only area of your ear that you will need to clean is the outer ear where this dirt and earwax ends up. You can do this yourself with a damp cloth. However, in other cases, you will need a professional ear cleaning. This will be the case if you have a buildup of hardened earwax or another blockage in your ear. That can be quite common, particularly for those who wear hearing aids as the ear will be blocked off for large periods of time. So, what are the signs that you need a professional ear cleaning from an audiologist?

Your hearing sounds echoed

You might find that sound now seems to be echoed. Or, it could even seem like you are underwater with muffled noises. You may even find that something like the sound of your breathing or heartbeat becomes elevated. These can all be signs that there is a blockage impacting your inner ear and changing how it operates. If that’s the case, then you do need to think about arranging an ear cleaning. Signs like this aren’t usually anything to worry about. They just point to a buildup of earwax.

You’ve noticed excess earwax around your ear

You might also notice excessive earwax around your outer ear. The more earwax there is around your outer ear, the more likely it is that you have a buildup in your inner ear. Wax can be yellow, dry, hard of flaky and can end up in your outer ear or even around the back depending on how much you have. If you regularly find that your outer ear is dirty with earwax, it’s a good idea to get a cleaning with an audiologist. This should solve or at the very least reduce the problem.

Your ear feels irritated

It’s also possible that your ears feel agitated and irritated. They could be itchy and they might even be painful. This is another common sign that there is a blockage inside the ear. It can feel quite sharp as though something is prodding inside your ear or it may simply feel like a bruise inside.

Your hearing has grown increasingly worse

It’s quite possible that your hearing has started to get worse over a fixed period. If that’s the case then you should definitely think about getting your hearing checked out. However, it’s possible that an audiologist might find the root cause to be nothing more than a buildup of wax. This can be enough to stop us from hearing correctly.

You are hearing sounds that aren’t there

Last but not least, you might notice you start to hear sounds that aren’t there. Issues with tinnitus are commonly confused for problems with a wax buildup and vice versa. This is why an audiologist will always complete a physical examination before diagnosing you with this condition.