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When you experience difficulties with your auditory system, you may be unsure what kind of professional you need to see. An audiologist is an expert in all aspects of health care related to the ear and, in particular, hearing. To find out more about the individual conditions an audiologist can assist with, read on:  Impacted earwax  Earwax can sometimes accrue

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So, you've decided that it's time to contact an audiologist ? Good for you. Accepting that you need help with hearing isn't easy, but it is a decision you won't regret. The sooner you choose the right audiologist, the less chance there is of hearing problems becoming long-lasting issues. Through testing and a variety of services, audiologists diagnose and treat

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If you’ve suffered from hearing loss or any other ear-related health issue, you’ve probably thought about visiting the audiologist . Before booking an appointment, though, you’ll rightly want an incentive or a sense of motivation. Knowing that the various treatments, ranging from hearing aids to sound therapy, can help reduce the impact of your hearing problems is one thing. Nonetheless,

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