About Simply Hearing, Inc.

We Say…”Join the Conversation”

Simply Hearing is an independent, locally owned Hearing Aid service.   This means that we choose from ANY manufacturer of products, (note that some manufacturers do private labels for some customers which we don’t participate in).   We have no specific relationship with any manufacturer, we get to choose based on your needs.

Being private, local, and independent offers us flexibility in lots of ways that you will notice when you work with us.

We are a contributing member of the community and look forward to seeing you around the town at various functions.

OUR HISTORYLianne Carbone purchased the company on August 2, 2010.  It had been Harborside Hearing for 28 years before that.  Lianne had started in the industry at Beltone in Falmouth and had a few careers before hearing aids, giving a balanced insight and knowledge of life in general.    For example, she maintains her Social Work license!   It’s been a wonderful experience.  Some of the staff has changed during these 12 years, but Stephanie Henry has always been on the team.   Stay tuned for all our pictures and biographies!


Lianne Carbone