Hearing loss is something that can happen to anyone at any age, and it isn’t always for the reasons that you think. Even younger people can have hearing loss, though it’s more common in those over the age of 55. Testing your hearing with an audiologist is the best way to find out how badly your hearing has become and whether you need some help. Hearing loss isn’t something to be ashamed of and it’s important that as soon as you notice changes in your hearing, you ask for help. You won’t always notice the symptoms of hearing loss, but below you’ll find four signs that you need to get your hearing checked.

Ring, ring – it’s not the phone

A ringing, buzzing or ‘white noise’ sound in your ears at a constant low level is aggravating, but it could also be tinnitus. It can be clicking, whirring or buzzing; regardless of its form, tinnitus is an annoyance! The one thing that you should always do is visit an audiologist if you believe that you are dealing with tinnitus.

I’m sorry, could you say that again?

Do you find yourself repeating everything that you say, no matter who is talking to you? It’s tiring to constantly ask those around you what they’ve said and not just for those who are repeating themselves, but for you. A hearing test can rule out whether there’s a deeper issue and how to best treat it.

Turn it up. And again. And again.

The radio and the television are wonderful fillers for the silence in the home, but they’re only good to have on if you are listening to them at a comfortable and normal level. If you are constantly turning the volume up, and up, and up again, then you should probably book an appointment. You may not even realize that you’re doing this given how gradual hearing loss can be, but those around you will. The neighbors on the other side of the wall will, too.

The world begins to spin.

The inner ear is the piece of your puzzle that is responsible for balance. Vertigo is one of the things that can make you realize that your world is tilting sideways a little too often. This isn’t normal if you’re just trying to walk to work and it can be downright dangerous if you’re driving. Get a hearing test to determine whether you have vertigo or there is another issue that you need to draw your attention to.

The above four signs are obvious indicators that your hearing is not as healthy as you think it is. Get your hearing tested now by a trusted audiologist in your area.